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We are proud to present our highly skilled personnel team, dedicated to ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of our institution. The administrative team efficiently manages key portfolios within their respective sections, making informed decisions and implementing cutting-edge strategies to ensure the continuous growth and development of both the students and the institution.



  J. P. Sharma  

Our esteemed HOI has been awarded the prestigious 'Medal of Merit' by the Governor of West Bengal, a testament to his unwavering dedication and exceptional contributions to the society and BSG organisation . Since the very inception of the school, his tireless efforts have propelled it to new and remarkable heights.

Under his visionary leadership, our school has seen the introduction of numerous reforms and facilities, setting a benchmark that is unprecedented in the entire district. His perpetual endeavour for betterment has not only enhanced the quality of education but also improved the overall learning environment, ensuring that our students receive the best possible opportunities.

Head of the Institution

Unknown-1 copy.jpeg

Binu Miss, the esteemed Principal of Bhagat Ram School, has exemplified tireless hard work, punctuality, and unwavering commitment to her responsibilities over the past 25 years. Her dedication to fostering a nurturing and disciplined educational environment has been instrumental in the school's success. Renowned for her leadership and integrity, Binu Miss inspires both staff and students to strive for excellence. Her steadfast commitment and visionary guidance have made a lasting impact on the school community. We are deeply fortunate to have such a dedicated and inspiring leader at the helm.

 Ms C. Binu 



 Ms B. Himani  

Himani Miss, our esteemed Vice-Principal and Head of the Commerce Department, brings a unique blend of creativity and soft-spoken wisdom to Bhagat Ram School. Her tender and nurturing nature creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all students. With a love for children that is truly unmatched, she goes above and beyond to support their growth and well-being. Himani Miss is renowned for her innovative teaching methods, constantly experimenting with new approaches to ensure student engagement and success. Her dedication to both education and empathy enriches the school community in profound ways.



Mr Jiten

Coordinator of External Affairs

Jiten Sir is an invaluable asset to Bhagat Ram School, expertly managing our relationships with external entities to foster community and institutional partnerships. His dedicated supervision of the Kanyashree program ensures that it runs smoothly and effectively, supporting the education and empowerment of young girls. Known for his professionalism and commitment, Jiten Sir continuously strives to enhance the school's outreach and impact.

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