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Awarded 'Medal of Merit' by the Governor of West Bengal, his tireless efforts, since the inception of the school, has made it touch new and remarkable heights. His perpetual endeavour for betterment has made possible the introduction of reforms and facilities, efforts and methodologies unprecedented in the entire district.

  J. P. Sharma  

Head of the Institution

We pride ourselves on being smart about our decisions, strategic with our work, and one step ahead of the competition. Our team comes from various backgrounds, with the knowledge and professional experience to succeed on every project.

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 Ms C. Binu 


Education is a field that is undergoing change at an accelerating rate. From the introduction of new technologies into the classroom to a better understanding of the brain’s development, it can be hard to stay on top of all the latest updates. That’s why our forum moderators help compile the most recent and relevant articles for your benefit.


 Ms B. Himani  


Senior Coordinator ensuring the optimal and complete implementation of the school norms and regulations. 


Mr Jiten

Coordinator of External Affairs

Manages the relation of the school with external entities. Supervises the matters of Kanyashree entirely.

Here we introduce the team of our sophisticated personnel that ensure the optimal operation of the institution without hiccups. The administrative team manages important portfolios in the respective section, seamlessly take decisions, and implement the latest effects for the perpetual development of the students and the institution as well.

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